Cancer Flight Support Initiative

Do you know someone who can’t afford to travel for cancer treatments?

FISH Foundation Global Nation provides free flight support to kids with cancer and one or both their parents free of charge to a Medical Facility for Treatment. As we are a nonprofit, we pair up cancer patients and their traveling companions, parents with companies that have extra seats on their corporate jets. The flights are completely free. If you know of someone child or adult in the (USA Only) in need of our support, please let us know. We’d love to help. Send us the details by clicking the button below.

Patients must be traveling to a recognized treatment center to receive treatment, a consultation or a checkup. They must also be able to walk up the steps of a corporate jet without assistance and must not need oxygen, an IV or in-flight medical assistance.

 Adult patients are allowed to bring one companion, who can help with recovery after treatment.

Anyone, regardless of their financial status, can fly with us. However, we are seeking families in financial distress.


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