10 Principles of our Global Nobility Program

To be a part of our Global Nobility Program we would like you to first understand our Global Nobility Program aims to bring together noble-centered leaders who are working towards a world of compassion, peace and the good of all humanity. Our aim is to bring together the nations of the world to work for peace, justice, human dignity and social progress. Our Program centers around women, children refugees and disease in developing countries.

  1. Global Nobility Principle # 1 “Virtue”

    You have a desire to live an honorable life before man and God. Seeking your right to pursue your purpose and meaning in life and to help others reach the same. To show  behavior of high moral standards

  2. Global Nobility Principle # 2 “Goodness”

    You understand that people have the right and deserve to live in a society that provide humane access to education, health, income and basis security along with “a belief in the basic goodness of mankind.”

  3. Global Nobility Principle #3 “Honor”

    You will embrace and understand all people have a right to the life they choose to live, their identity, beliefs, religious beliefs, and standard way of life should be respected by you and others and high respect; great esteem towards others.

  4. Global Nobility Principle #4  “Honesty”

    You agree to offer and share in the responsibility to create better conditions for others to fulfill their life’s potential and the quality of being honest.

  5. Global Nobility Principle #5  “Decency”

    You have a desire to help and support the dignity of others no matter their, race, sexual orientation, social-economic status, position of power, or lack thereof and behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability.

  6. Global Nobility Principle #6  “Integrity”

    You have a desire to build a foundation of freedom, peace and justice for now and future generations and the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

  7. Global Nobility Principle #7  “Magnanimity”

    You believe that Global Nobility in action means standing up against injustice, intolerance and inequality and the fact or condition of being magnanimous; offering generosity.

  8. Global Nobility Principle # 8  “Generosity”

    You believe in compassion, respect, honor and peace toward all men, women and children globally and the ability and quality of being kind and generous.

  9. Global Nobility Principle # 9  “Selflessness”

    You share in the complete vision towards world peace and the uplifting of humanity around the world and concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.

  10. Global Nobility Principle # 10  “Bravery”

    Believe in divine right order, and that all is achieved through connecting with others for a divine release of peace towards all man kind and courageous behavior or character.