“International Nobility Day”

February 8, 2020

We’re facing an international crisis of epic proportions. Conflict, racism, hate, war, and disaster are displacing more people whether refugees or citizens than at any time in human history. The FISH Foundation Global Nation believes that this is an issue that demands action. We believe a day allocated annually solely to covet Noble actions will bring social change and meaningful benefits. For this reason, we are announcing our declaration of “International Nobility Day.” International Nobility Day will bring together a worldwide network of people, leaders, companies, and governments to harness the power of community and create a movement of Nobility.

The Power of Nobility begins when we recognize and embrace each other’s different beliefs, culture and differences no matter the country’s customs, lifestyle, cuisine, religion, and way of life. Change is inevitable and in order for life to be improved change must be embraced. Empowering communities and companies through the actions of Nobility enhance and improves the standard of living through giving.

February 8, 2020, will mark the first Annual “International Nobility Day.” We’re inviting 20,000 member companies and the broader business community, churches, mosques, community leaders, charities and people of the world to join in celebrating February 8th, 2020 as International Nobility Day. To ensure global success, join us and our Noble cause committing yourself, company, community, and/or organization, with a planned action for communities in crisis, hiring a refugee, mentoring youth groups, feeding and helping the homeless and hopeless you see on the streets, provide skills, training, network, and support Social Good campaigns products and services and more.

It will be an international day to celebrate and extend towards people of all races virtue, goodness, honor, honesty, decency, integrity, magnanimity, generosity, selflessness, and bravery. It will also be a day of “Transformation of Nations” through Nobility says FISH Foundation Global Nation Founder/CEO Rone de Beauvoir. International Nobility Day will bring about peace toward all people while addressing challenges and opportunities associated with ensuring peaceful prosperity in diverse societies.

As humans we naturally gravitate toward vulnerability and authenticity, International Nobility Day will be a collective goal of catalyzing Noble commitments and actions.

Founder/CEO International Nobility Day

Rone de Beauvoir


Join the movement of Noble-Centered leaders who are working towards a world of compassion, peace and the good of all humanity.


As of 2016, 65 million people were displaced by conflict worldwide and the crisis from racism, hate crimes, natural disasters, and war are still going strong. With so many misplaced the burden of caring for these helpless people is on the governments of almost every nation.

Join the FISH Foundation Global Nation “International Nobility Day Program as we’re supporting refugee employees that work to grow with us by providing access to customized training, language skills, and mentorship via our partners, members, and employees. International Nobility Day will be a huge success when everyone gets involved for the greater good.

“Man believes in counting his numbers, International Nobility Day beleives in making numbers count.”


  • Refugees are dependable 
  • Secondly, they’re disciplined
  • Thirdly, they’re loyal
  • Fourth, they’re committed



We’re inviting 20,000 member companies and the broader business communities around the world tp join in and partner with the FISH Foundation Global Nation, to hire a refugee or offer their support, skills or networks in other ways – working toward a collective goal of catalyzing business commitments and action, and increasing a better way of life for a refugee and their family and magnify the community. We will connect you to our partners in crisis globally to harness the power of community and create a movement of Nobility

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