About Us

FISH Foundation Global Nation

FISH Foundation Global Nation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring together nations and their communities to work for peace, justice, human dignity and Social progress through village communities in countries around the world while addressing challenges and opportunities associated with ensuring peaceful prosperity in diverse societies.


Our Vision

To bring together nations of the world to work for peace, justice, human dignity and social progress through communities in countries around the world.

Our Mission

To implement all of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals by the year of 2030, long after I’m gone and know that life continues with the mark of my hands and my work form the years before.

Our Passion

To Touch, Heal & Inspire people all over the world with the works of my hands providing hope, peace, socio-economic change and empowerment to achieve the ultimate dream for a better life.


  Volunteer With Us

fish foundation global nation is Dedicated to humanity

We welcome any individual or organization to align their events and activities with our global nobility program. Find out more about joining our program for #ClearWaterInitiative